Air Dancers

Air Dancers

Inflatable Air Dancers, Sky Guys or Wacky waving guys are ideal for all  types of events and exhibitions- be it, open days, brand promotion or simply to get amazing attention.

We make both single and double leg Air Dancers, which are between 18ft-25ft tall in any colour you want.

Sleeves (both single Air Dancer or double Air Dancer) can be printed with company logos and/or messages on both sides of the main body and legs, or we can print removable and interchangeable velcro panels displaying different messages or logos.

Printing can include logos, messages, website addresses and telephone numbers.

We use light weight ripstop nylon, and each fan sits inside the bottom of each leg or sleeve, and pushes air through the body to give the appearance of the inflatable dancing and moving.

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Air Dancers / Sky Guys

The idea of an Air Dancer/Air Dancers is to visually draw potential clients eye line away from where they are looking and focus on your business entrance. We do this by making you a moving bespoke inflatable standing 20ft high. They can be made in any colour with logos and key messages printed on the design. To change your promotion, why not add a velcro panel to the design.

Velcro panels can be easily changed for daily, weekly or monthly campaigns.

To see our inflatable videos please click here