Inflatable Animals

Inflatable Animals

At Airdancer we create everything from small inflatable animal through to great big large Inflatable animals to enable you to advertise your product, business, service or organisation in a unique way.

We have produced many inflatable animals for leading brands around the world from either their original concepts and drawings or we can produce your very own design concept on your behalf.

All the inflatables can be manufactured with your own colours, branding and logos.
We can do this for smaller animals right through to our largest structures.

Animal inflatables are normally made from Nylon (fan inflated) or PVC (sealed inflatable) for ground based designs.
If your animal is going to be in the air, then we make them from PVC or TPU, digitally printed or wrapped with digitally printed Nylon. Normally filled with Helium, no fan is required for these.

During our consultancy, we can easily advise which solution is best for you and your project.

Full event management can also be supplied – please also see our event management and our design service

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