Why Buy?

Why Buy An Inflatable Dancer?

So, what makes an inflatable suitable for your event or business? These air dancer inflatables range between 20ft-30ft and are available in bespoke sizes, depending on the request of our client. These unique inflatables can be seen from up to 500 yards away, which entices customers, even if they aren’t directly passing your business or event.

Whether you have your own design in mind, or you need some inspiration from our 500 designs, you can choose exactly how you want your inflatable dancer to look send parcels internationally. From the slogan, colours, design and size, you can make a custom-made inflatable dancer to increase brand awareness from up above!

With our inflatables at AirDancer, you won’t need street planning permission to inflate these inflatables, saving your business both time and money. Plus, if you want to move your air dancer to a different location, you can as they are portable.

Our cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions are made from premium materials, have a long-lasting patented design and a low running cost. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about replacing your inflatable dancer any time soon! In fact, you can even add inter-changeable sleeves for promotional and seasonal designs, allowing your branding to remain consistent.

Why Buy From AirDancer?

We are specialists in fan inflated products, delivering a professional service to those leading in their industries. Made from RipStop Nylon and hand made to fit your specific requirements, no inflatable dancer design is ever too big, too small or the same.

At AirDancer, we offer inflatable dancers that can be cold air or fan inflated. With our designs, you can simply inflate the dancer and leave it. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.